We have 5 professional meeting planners to help recommend dstination and meeting hotels for you.

Lisa Zhang[Meeting Consultant]

3 years of working experience in business travel and MICE industry. Familiar with the hotel resources in Beijing.
Able to find the suitable hotels for clients in a fast and accurate way.


Familiar with the hotel resources in Beijing, able to find a suitable venue for the clients at the lowest price.

Damon[Meeting Consultant]

4 years of sales experience.
Rich working experience and polished sales concept.
Worked as an ordinary salesman at the start and then got promoted as a staff at the management level.
Value teamwork spirit and emphasize the importance of good communication.
Possess the ability to organize, coordinate, communicate, analyze data and the spirit of teamwork.


Able to make full use of available resources and integrate resources to reach the maximum effect. Have the needed carefulness and consideration to accomplish work.

Mary[Meeting Consultant]

Experienced in conference, familiar with MICE and hotel resources in East China.
Served many clients from both large and small enterprises, able to quickly find high quality conference venues for clients.


Hotel positioning, price negotiations, various conference planning, brand promotion activities and industry exhibition constructions.

Garnett[Meeting Consultant]

Graduated from Bounemouth University of UK.
Obtained Master’s degree of Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Worked for 2 years in a well-known brand hotel.


Informative and experienced.

Fiona Luo[Meeting Consultant]

Have rich experience in international hotel sales and MICE.
Planned and carried out different types of conference activities.


Familiar with all kinds of hotel resources at home and abroad.