We have 16 professional meeting planners to help recommend dstination and meeting hotels for you.

Yolanda Yuan[Meeting Director]

Over 7 years sales experience in international 5-star hotels. Serving in the Shangri-La Shenzhen, the Shangri-La Chengdu, the St.Regis Chengdu and the Wanda Reign Chengdu successively.Familar with the business model of hotel industry as well as the industrial information about the local market.Own mature sales skills and also rich experiences to host major events.Have positive working attitude, own good reputation in this market.


Mainly serve the global companies in the Fortune 500. Familar with the business model of hotel industry as well as the industrial information about the local market.Own mature sales skills and also rich experiences to host major events.

Coco[Meeting Consultant]

Work in the hotel management for 7 years, has rich experience in sales management and customer service experience, has the good coordination, organization, planning ability, good at communication.


For various industries provide customers the most suitable hotel is recommended

Ivan Su[Meeting Director]

I have worked in a number of well-known domestic brand hotel for 6 years,there are many years of hotel industry knowledge and experience.
During working with a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad have had cooperation, have a wealth of relevant work experience, to provide customers with the most suitable hotel recommended.


Informative and experienced.

Candy[Meeting Consultant]

Senior Conference Consultant with rich experience in conferences.
Familiar with MICE and hotel resources in North China.
Provided services to the clients from both large and small enterprises.


Able to find high quality conference venues for the clients in a fast and accurate way.

Lora[Meeting Consultant]

Many years of experience in various events and MICE.
Good knowledge about the hotels across the country.
Held many activities such as training sessions, annual meetings, press conferences and exhibitions for large enterprises such as newspapers and software industrials.
Know the information about the hotels in Beijing well.


Extremely well-informed about the resources of hotels and venues in Beijing, able to make plans for clients exclusively in a fast fashion.

Liuwei [Meeting Director]

Engage in meetings, the hotel industry and specialize in various types of meeting services.
Familiar with the hotel operation flow in each province.
More than 5 years of experience in conference services, from low-end to high-end team receptions.
Have skills in independent negotiations, meeting planning, conference services (car rental, stage construction) and nearby tourist resorts.


Hotel positioning, price negotiations, various conference planning, brand promotion activities and industry exhibition constructions.

Ivy Geng[Meeting Director]

More than 8 years of experience in serving the pharmaceutical companies in the Fortune 500.
Planned and conducted several huge conferences and high-standard expert conferences with attendants over a thousand.
Familiar with the needs of various types of business meetings, able to provide corporate clients with accurate planning and implementation of the conferences.


Mainly serve the pharmaceutical companies in the Fortune 500. Matured in difficult large-scale event planning, cost control, brand promotion and implementation.

Summer[Meeting Consultant]

Rich experience at conferences and hotels.
Experienced in large and small cooperation activities, familiar with the hotel resources in east China,able to provide professional conference consulting services to clients.


Matured in various types of business activities, incentive travel, and overseas activities planning.

Cindy Wang[Meeting Director]

More than 7 years of working experience at foreign brand hotels.
Familiar with the market and featured venues in the south China.


Matured in activities about IT, banking, technology, automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

Loren Han[Meeting Director]

5 years of experience at international brand hotel.
Planed and carried out various large MICEs.
Good at fashion apparel industry shows and publish and purchasing meeting and incentive travel companies.


Very familiar with conference venues, tourism, service resources, and human resources.

Vincent Liu[Meeting Director]

More than 8 years of working experience in business travel and MICE. Familiar with hotel resources across the country.
Provide services for clients from many medical, financial, FMCG enterprises.
Participated in large annual parties, training sessions and the dealers' conferences.
Familiar with the conferences and hotels in Beijing.
A close relationship and a good cooperation with various brand hotels in Beijing.


Skilled in hotel venues searching and price negotiations, conference receptions, hotel pick-up service, high quality supplier selection, attendance, reception, accommodation dining arrangements, etc.

Will[Meeting Director]

Six years of working experience at five-star hotels and related working experience in MICE.
Worked at the marketing department of the hotels affiliated with hotel management groups like Starwood, Accor, Worldhotels, Fraser and so on.
Familiar with the information of the hotels in Shanghai and across China. Provide various event planning and hotel reservations to the clients from top 500 companies.


Various types of business activities, incentive travel, annual convention, clients appreciation dinner, new products conference and hotel accommodation booking.

Rowena[Meeting Director]

Over 8 years of working experience at brand hotels.
Majored in Hotel Management in Singapore.
Worked at Starwood and Hilton, experienced in the hotel industrial.
Able to find suitable hotel resources in a fast and accurate way.


very familiar with the needs of the automotive industry, manufacturing, and medical instrument companies.

Lily[Meeting Director]

6 years of service experience in the conference industry.
Planned and carried out all kinds of large-scale conferences.
Very familiar with service resources like venues in different places and travel, etc.
Wide network of resources and competitive purchase price.


Specialize in conferences and incentive travels of government industry, training industry, cosmetics industry and financial industry.

Wendy Dong[Meeting Director]

Over 8 years of working experience at a well-known five star hotel.
Familiar with hotel resources.
Planned and carried out various large-scale activities many times.


Bilingual, hotel communication, transportation coordination, business travel management and quick response.