About MeetingBest

MeetingBest is the largest on-line platform for venue searching,price comparison and booking in China. It is currently the only non-intermediary platform.

What we do

MeetingBest Solution is designed for large companies with hundreds of meetings every year or millions procurement spend on Meetings/Events. It can help company get significant cost saving and compliance improvement, via online system and professional helpdesk team.

Who we serve

MeetingBest mainly serves enterprises. With the help of our platform or APP, they can find their ideal venues and set services before holding or organizing varieties of meetings and then purchase directly from the hotels. At the same time, our meeting consultants in different cities will help them with the negotiations and price bargaining or other problem.

Our venue resources and user scale

MeetingBest now offer nearly 50,000 high-quality venues, including top star hotels, mid-range hotels, resorts, clubs, meeting centers and so on, which have covered all the main cities in China.
By July 2015, there have been more than 150,000 registered enterprises who apply MeetingBest in their meeting organizations. It not only makes their job easier and more efficient, but also reduces their expenses.

Our products and services

MeetingBest has been continuously designing series of products that meet the needs of enterprises and hotels.

1.Venue searching, price comparison and booking: registered users can easily find more than 50,000 venues in over 200 cities and get quoted prices directly from hotels. The booking will come into force as soon as the prices are confirmed. What’s more, there will not be any service charge.

2.Tendering and bidding system for the meeting: meeting organizers can submit tendering requirements online, which is similar to Didi Taxi. The system will automatically push it and send it in real time to the hotels who can meet their requirements. The hotels then offer the venue reservations and quoted prices. Those who provide better prices will win the bidding.

Our advantages

1. Easy and fast. You can search out the best venues within 3 minutes and get multiple direct quoted prices within 2hours.

2. High-quality services. We offer over 50,000 selected and high-quality venues and first-class services.

3. Direct offers. The hotels provide direct quoted prices, and we help with the bargaining and make sure that you can get the best services at the lowest prices.

4. User point rewards. Bonus points can be redeemed for gifts.

At present, MeetingBest link the venue sales throughout the country in real time. We get over 20,000 quotations in our system every month.

MeetingBest, whose headquarters is located in Shanghai, was founded in 2012. We have opened offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and some other cities.

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